August 8, 2006

One of Those Hideous Book Where the Mother Dies by Sonia Sones

A story that reads like a screenplay, the reader quickly becomes involved in the story's two sides: Hollywood fairy tale and overcoming greif. Ruby's mother has passed away, forcing her to move from Boston to L.A. to live in the mansion of her famous actor/father. She is angry and resentful. She misses all that she has left behind - family, friends and first loves. She is painfully greiving the loss of her mother. Her greif blinds her to all that her new life affords - living out the Hollywood fantasy. While the story is resolved neatly, there are some twists that many of you will predict early on. Most will read this in one sitting - it's that good! This story, while written in Ms. Sones' familiar free verse style, is a departure from Stop Pretending or What My Mother Doesn't Know. 
Reed Reads Score: 5

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