November 30, 2007

First Light by Rebecca Stead

A mystery unfolds as Peter Solemn accompanies his parents on a scientific expedition to Greenland. While Mr. Solemn and his young assistant, Jonas, study global warming with sophisticated equipment, Peter explores the vast snow land with his sled dog team.
Peter is about to collide with a hidden world where he will learn the answers to his mother's spells of sadness and his own frequent headaches.
Deep underneath the ice, a community that fled from danger generations ago lives in comfortable secrecy, until Thea, 14 years old, challenges her elders. Thea's determination to learn about her heritage and her connection to the world above leads her and her cousin Mattias to an old tunnel.
Clues and puzzles are examined and secrets are revealed against a dazzling background of ice where the future meets the past.
Reed Reads Score: 4

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