December 18, 2007

The White Mountains (Book1 of Tripod Trilogy) by John Christopher

If you start with the first book, The White Mountains, and if you enjoy science-fiction, you will end up devouring all the books in The Tripod Trilogy, including a prequel. A boy, Will Parker, avoids being "capped" by the alien Masters who now rule the modern world.  But even though he retains his freedom of thought, he is captured and made a slave. The world of the non-human Masters is vividly repressive and luxurious at the same time. Will is a victim, a renegade and, ultimately, a hero. Be mesmerized by the world that British writer, John Christopher created back in the late 1960's. It could one day be you.  The trilogy was a BBC TV series that I would love to find and watch. I've also heard rumors that a motion picture is in the pre-production stages.  Ah, someone else could not forget how wonderful is "The Tripod Trilogy."
Reed Reads Score: 5

December 12, 2007

Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

This beautiful and talented mermaid can't figure out whether immortality and true love can co-exist. How she yearns for love! Perhaps she is fated. Does she - or does she not - have free will? Do any of us? Read this book to find out. The story is especially fun if you are familiar with ancient Greek epic poems such as Homer's Iliad and/or Odyssey, characters from which pop in and out of the story. The book contains delightful description of life under the sea as a mermaid. Almost makes you want to be a mermaid, until you remember the immortality vs. true love dilemma.
Reed Reads Score: 3.5