April 3, 2008

15 Minutes by Steve Young

Casey, a seventh grader, finds himself continually late. If he could just be on time for things - classes, football practice, even breakfast, all would be well. While searching through his attic, Casey discovers an old watch that belonged to his grandfather. He puts it on, but like most of Grandpop's inventions, it doesn't seem to work right. When Casey discovers that he can't take the watch off, he reads Grandpop's journal and discovers that the watch is actually a time machine that can transport its wearer 15 minutes into the past. At first Casey is delighted, and uses the power of the watch to enhance his "coolness rating." However, he soon realizes that altering the past has serious implications. This humorus story combines science fiction, sports action, and laughs with a strong underlying message about personal responsibility and honesty. 
Reed Reads Score: 4

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Anonymous said...

This book was so good steve young did a great job writing this book i am 10 years old and i could put this damn book down. you have to read this book and you will love this damn book i freakin' love this book like OMG. you have to read all of this book.

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