November 3, 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I read Twilight this summer, reluctantly,  under pressure from my daughters. Needless to say, I did enjoy the book. Twilight is so wildly popular, and with the movie coming out this month, I didn't feel the need to review it, but then guilt set in and so here it is. Twilight is the story of Bella, a bright and independent girl who moves to gloomy Forks, Washingtion to live with her dad. In school, she meets Edward, whose perfection brings her to her feet. Falling rapturously in love, she soon knows something is different here - Edward is a vampire who lusts for her blood. Edward is  just as enraptured with Bella, and the fact that she is the one girl that he can't look into her mind. Their romance creates the collision of vampire and mortal worlds. 
While Bella's musings over the gorgeous Edward became a bit tedious for me, there were some real moments of excitement here. While this book's appeal has been mostly to a female audience, some of the guys could get hooked into the vampire fantasy and the adventure that ensues. This is the first of a series of four books. Be sure to read Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn.
Reed Reads Score: 4

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