September 7, 2010

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

Here is an apocalyptic world where society is in a dark age. Technology, both the knowledge and use of it have regressed. We are in London, no longer a thriving metropolis, but in ruins created by riots and a lack of government. We meet Fever, a fourteen year old girl, the daughter of Dr. Crumb, and the only female admitted to the Order, a society of engineers. Their world is closed from the outside, and ruled by what is logic and reason. Fever has been called to assist an archeologist in the outer world, as he tries to uncover some of the mysteries of an earlier world and the technology that existed then. As she leaves the protection of the Order, she discovers a world that she finds difficult to understand. While she tries to make sense of this world, she starts recalling memories that can't possibly belong to her. To whom do these memories belong? She is pursued, but why? What is it about her past that haunts her? This is science fiction at its best, and now occupies the top of my list with Ender's Game.
Reed Reads Score: 5

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