December 31, 2010

Wonderland by Tommy Kovac, Illustrated by Sonny Liew

Wonderland is a graphic novel that spins the original story off from a minor character named Mary Ann. Mary Ann is the white rabbit's house maid who is at first confused for Alice. In this telling, she is off to work, but late so she attempts a short-cut, landing her in the court of the Queen of Hearts. From here chaos ensues, leading Mary Ann to many of the familiar Wonderland characters; Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and even a reciting of Jabberwocky. I have never read the original, and it was obvious to me that much of the humor is lost as a result. I think readers and fans of Lewis Carroll's original will enjoy it, but others may find it confusing. It is rare that I read a graphic novel (the other being Amulet), so it was difficult for me to adjust to the format, so I can lose myself in the story. The illustrations are highly stylized and add depth to the story.
Reed Reads Score: 3

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