April 11, 2011

Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Mariller

Have you ever heard of the twelve dancing princesses? Once upon a time, there were twelve princesses, regular ordinary princesses. The only thing weird about all of them was that every morning, their father would find broken shoes. Yet, they hadn't made any noise in the night or left their bedrooms. What was happening? 
The princesses were going to a different world, a world where they danced every night. Wildwood Dancing is somewhat like that. Every full moon, Jena and her three sisters cross into a fairy world, existing parallel to their own. These little crossovers go on through out Jena's childhood. Suddenly, when she turns 17, her world is turned upside down. Her father far away on business, becomes fatally ill. Her nosy cousin is trying to kill everything magical, as well as woo her, and take over her life. Her older sister, Tatianna, has fallen in love with a sort- of soul-less human. A vampire is trying to make her his victim. And, there is much more. To set everything right, Jena and her frog Gogu must journey farther then they ever have into the magical world and into their own past. I really enjoyed this book and have read it over and over again. There's much detail and it is enchanting. It's not your average fairy tale book. It takes place in Transylvannia and is very cultural. It's not stereotypical at. Unlike most books with fairies, they don't make them out to be perfect. Also, the villain is not who you think it is. Altogether, this book is wonderful. And for those who were wondering, there is a sequel with Jena's sister, Cybele's Secret
Reed Reads Score: 4.5

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