May 6, 2011

Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

Rigg has lived his life trapping furs with his father. His father has trained him well for the wild, the world, and a special talent that only Rigg possesses; he is able to see the paths taken by people of the past. There is only one path he cannot see, and it is that of his father. His father is unexpectedly killed by a falling tree, and on his return from the forest, Rigg witnesses a young boy in danger. As he attempts to save him, a figure from the past, occupying one of the many paths Rigg sees, suddenly appears and prevents Rigg from saving the boy. The boy dies, and the boy's older brother, Umbo, accuses Rigg of killing him. With the town enraged, Rigg takes refuge with one of his father's friends, where he learns of a message and artifacts left by his father. It is decided that Rigg must leave to escape the town's rage, and get answers to the message left by his father. As he leaves, Umbo admits to Rigg, that he lied, and to keep the blame and his fathers rath away, he wants to leave with him. Umbo and Rigg are very different, but they discover each other's power, creating a symbiotic friendship between the two. Their journey is filled with adventure as they try to get answers to the mystery left by Rigg's father. This is a must-read, fantastic tale that intertwines intergalactic space travel with a story of unusual powers and royalty.
Reed Reads Score:5


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This book is really good

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this is an amazing book