October 26, 2011

The Death Cure by James Dashner

Thomas has been reunited with his friends and are awaiting WICKED's promised cure to the Flare, the virus threatening to eliminate the human race by reducing them to psychotic, cannibalistic animals. Can WICKED be trusted? Is their true motivation to save mankind? The Death Cure comes full circle in this conclusion to The Maze Runner trilogy. Thomas again comes up against unforeseen road blocks, fights and death. He must make the ultimate choice to save mankind, or save himself and those that he has created strong bonds with.
      Clearly The Maze Runner,  is the strongest of the three books, but if you enjoy a lot of action, and one fight after another, The Death Cure will not disappoint. Personally I wanted more than action out of this book. Each fighting sequence stops the progression of the story, and does little to provide insight or meaning to the characters.
Reed Reads Score: 3

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