November 20, 2011

Brain Jack by Brian Falkner

Put your headsets on and get ready to go...
Brain Jack is a sci-fi thriller set in the near future. A future where rather than keyboards and trackpads, a computer user simply places a neuro-headset on, and let their brain control their computer. Computer hack Sam Wilson wants in on the new craze, so he hacks into the country's largest telecommunications company to have a pair sent to him for free. He has no understanding of the sequence of events he has just set in motion. Sam will soon realize that rather than you controlling the computer, the computer will control you. The government has been watching, a government that has become even more paranoid since Las Vegas was nuked by a terrorist. The government wants Sam in the worst possible way; not for what he has done, but for what he can do.
As a sci-fi fan this was a great read. Lots of techno babble, action scenes and some unexpected twists. For you non-computer nerds, don't let the technical language scare you off. Once the action goes into full gear, it pretty much dissipates....
Read Reads Score: 4

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