May 25, 2012

Web of Air by Phillip Reeve

This steampunk novel is the long awaited sequel to Reeve's Fever Crumb. The future-world in which Fever lives is one in which the technology of the "ancients" is scorned and deplored. Fever is an engineer who seeks only the practical and is curious about the ancient technologies. Taking off from where Fever Crumb left off, Fever has departed London with orphaned Ruan and Fern, joining a drama troupe who travels on the barge (large traveling land ships) Persimmon's Electric Lyceum. The barge provides the living space and theatre for cast and crew. Fever's only interest in theatre is to provide the unheard of technology of electric lights and special effects for the she finds the plays themselves absurd, illogical and a waste of time. One day, as she is walking about, she is struck by a model idea from the past, that has long been abandoned. Fever is fascinated with the ancient technology of air flight, and must find where the model airplane came from. Her search will lead her to a young man named Aarlo. His secrets and knowledge will captivate Fever and lead her into danger, wonder, and feelings that she has never experienced.
If you haven't read Fever Crumb, start there, as the background is really necessary to fully understand what is going on. A good sequel, but looking forward to the next installment.
Reed Reads Score: 3.5

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