September 29, 2012

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

A story of a horse and the lives of the owners linked to him. Told in the voice of the horse, the story opens in England, as the young horse is separated from his mother when sold at auction. He is bought by a farmer, but trained and loved by the farmer's son, Albert who names the horse Joey. With World War I looming, and the farmer in need of funds, the horse is sold to a British army commander, to the distraught of Albert. Albert is promised by the commander that Joey will be well taken care of and returned at the end of the war. The horror of war is told through the experience of the horse, as he is captured by the Germans, adopted by a young girl, won back to the British by a soldier's bet, and reunited with Albert, now a soldier in the army. I found the first-person account, told through the voice of Joey, a horse,  off-putting. The language seemed stiff, coldly descriptive, and detached. The story attempts to be heart warming, but might have been more successful told in the third person.
Reed Reads Score: 2.5

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