November 30, 2012

Scrivener's Moon by Philip Reeve

Scrivener's Moon, the third installment of the Fever Crumb series, left me breathless and a bit out of sorts. The series is the prequel to the four part Mortal Engines series, which I have not read. This book made me feel that I wish I had started there, as many of the events and characters lead to Mortal Engines.
Fever Crumb is back in London, after attempting air flight and a brief romance in Web of Air (book 2 in the series). London is moving forward in becoming a mobile city, and Wavy, Fever's mother, is the chief engineer for the project. Fear of a mobile city in the northern regions, based on the premonitions of a young girl called Cluny, sparks a rebellion, while at home, sinister Charlie Shallow (who tried to murder Fever in book one), works his way up the London power structure, crushing anyone who blocks his way. Wavy forms an expedition to the Northern region to substantiate a rumor of a pyramid locked with technological remnants of the past. Fever insists on joining her mother. The events that follow, including an unexpected romance, challenge all of Fever's beliefs and understanding of the world. Vivid imagery with interesting and colorful characters make this a satisfying read.
Read Reads Score: 3.5

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