August 3, 2013

Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

The "New" is dropped, because now what was once New Orleans is a dead city. After devastation by several hurricanes, flooding and mass destruction, it is a new virus, called Delta Fever, that seals the city's fate. Unable to find a cure, and to avoid its spread, the Federal government separates itself from the devastated south and abandons it. The year is now 2056 and a thick wall separates the Outer States of America from an area presumed to be dead. Two unlikely souls will cross paths in the "dead" city of Orleans. Daniel, a scientist, who in search for a cure for Delta Fever, must enter the dead zone illegally to complete his research. Fen de la Guerre is a fifteen year old girl, who through a tough skin, and perseverance has learned to survive the cruelty and danger of the Delta. When they cross paths, a bond is formed, a bond of survival.

There has been a plethora of dystopian, or speculative fiction, and, as most of you know, I love it. In a genre that has recently seen little in the way of something different and new, Orleans is original, fresh, and well written. I REALLY liked this book. The story builds, is unpredictable, and Fen's voice is raw and real. At first, I was taken aback by her lack of emotion, but as Fen's back story is revealed, it became clear and understandable.

Reed Reads Score: 4.5

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