November 17, 2013

UnSouled by Neal Shusterman

The UnWind story continues with Connor and Lev on the run together after the destruction of the Graveyard. Cam, Starkey, Nelson, and Risa are each on their own personal quests to vanquish or destroy. But, what UnWholly did to extend the UnWind Trilogy, creating an exciting extension of the story arc created 5 years earlier, UnSouled disappointed me. Why? Originally this was to be the final book (look carefully at the cover image, it says "Book 3 of the UnWind Trilogy" - an early cover), but has instead become a bridge to book 4, UnDivided in the Unwind Dystology (as it appears on newer versions of the cover). The book certainly moves the story, and there are introductions to new characters; Grace (who you will love) and her brother Argent (who you will despise). Information is revealed about the creator of the technology that allows unwinding, how ProActive Citizenry turned on him, and how his wife Sonia holds secrets, which creates the motivation for Connor and Lev to find her. What makes this disappointing is that it clearly is the first half of what was to have been the third book. There is plenty of character development, but the plot of the book never reaches the heights of the first two and there are a lot of loose ends which leaves you hanging and upset that you have to wait for UnDivided. I suggest you hold off reading this until UnDivided is released, that way you can read straight through and avoid the disappointment!
Reed Reads Score: 4

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