February 22, 2014

Every Day by David Levithan

'A' has learned to live with life the way it is. Waking up every day in a different teenager's body. Sometimes a guy, sometimes a girl. Sometimes a narcissistic jock, sometimes a soul in such pain, they are close to suicide. 'A' has created rules, so that whatever happens while visiting, nothing will influence or drastically change the host's life. We start on day number 5,994 when 'A' is now Justin, a jock who is abusive to his girlfriend Rhiannon. 'A' decides to make this day different, taking Rhiannon on a romantic picnic where 'A' falls in love with her. How can 'A' maintain a relationship with Rhiannon if 'A' is a different person everyday? How can 'A' maintain the set of rules created to prevent problems? How could this possibly resolve itself?

David Levithan has taken an original premise and with thoughtful, finely crafted writing created a story that goes well beyond the romance. With 'A' being neither male or female, gay or straight, black or white, the character provides an unbiased platform to discover life as we all live it. Levithan has created a variety of characters that are real, varied, and sensitively drawn. Each becomes a short story tied together by the love of Rhiannon. Some are light hearted and some will tug at your heart. Some are short and simple, some more detailed. But, all will provide a lesson, or at least provide insight into how different people live their lives. This read is for more mature readers as the illuminating writing would be lost on those not ready and there are some mild sexual references.
Reed Reads Score: 5