March 21, 2014

Cress by Marissa Meyer

First Cinderella (Cinder), then Little Red Riding Hood (Scarlet), and now enters Rupunzel as Cress in the third entry of the sci-fi thriller series, The Lunar Chronicles. In this third entry, Cress is a love struck, powerless lunar (called a shell), who has been banished to a satellite orbiting high above earth to spy for the evil Queen Levana. Her computer hacking skills have allowed her in on every aspect of human culture especially the Cinder, Prince Kai, and Queen Levana scandal that has her head-over-heels for the handsome Captain Thorne, who helped Cinder escape from prison. When Cress has the opportunity to leave the isolation of the satellite, to join forces with Cinder, Thorne, Scarlet, and Wolf, she sets in motion a series of events that will create havoc in Cinder's quest as rightful heir to the lunar throne. Battles, romance and unexpected plot twists will have you turning the pages quickly.

What I enjoy most about this series is how well each book is crafted and what it brings to the development of the plot. In the typical series, the first book is excellent, but those that follow fill in, with the last book often bringing an unsatisfying conclusion. Meyer, in her Lunar Chronicles, has made each book unique in the way it carries the story, and is excellent on its own. This is outstanding science fiction, and has appeal for all genders and ages. There are plenty of hints of what lies ahead in the fourth and final book, Winter (Snow White) in 2015!

Reed Reads Score: 4.5