April 30, 2014

Half Bad by Sally Green

Nathan is the son of a white (good) witch, and a black (evil) witch making him a half-blood. Nathan is caged, hand-cuffed, and beaten. He is watched over and contained because he is feared.

Nathan is 16, he needs to receive 3 gifts from a blood relative so he can realize his powers as a witch. If the gifts are not received by his 17th birthday, he will die. His mother, a white witch has died. His father, Marcus, is the most feared, evil black witch. Raised by his grandmother with his siblings, each from a different father, Nathan has been scorned and despised. His close relationship with Gran, his younger brother, Arran, and the girl he fancies, Annalise, has kept him going. White witches fear Nathan because of his father, and the possibility that he is a black witch. He is taken from his home, caged, and closely monitored so that he cannot receive his 3 gifts, especially from his father. Nathan escapes and begins the search for his father, from whom he wishes to get his 3 gifts.

Sally Green creates a world where witches live alongside "fains" or mortals, places it in modern Great Britain, and gives us a fantasy world that makes it easy to suspend your disbelief to immerse yourself in a tale that is both a coming of age story and a look at racism in today's society. A pretty good read, but is the typical YA first book of a trilogy. Yawn. I have to wait two more years to finish this one.

Reed Reads Score: 3.5

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