April 24, 2014

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The first wave...the world is being infiltrated by an alien life form in a most heinous way...by entering the fetus of an unborn child. The opening chapter provides the background for the eventual removal of the human race. The story begins in Dayton Ohio, where the fourth wave of the alien take over is a massive viral epidemic that has killed most people. The Sullivan's have lost their mother to the virus, but some how Cassie, her 5 year old brother Sammy, and their father have survived. With most of their town decimated, the Sullivan's decide it is time to move on. Distrust is rampant, and the family must learn to protect itself. They find some protection in a small group of remaining survivors, but the group is visited by what they think is the US military, and are coerced to release all the young children, including Sammy. The remaining group is then decimated but Cassie escapes and is now alone. She can now trust no one, must protect herself, and rescue her little brother. The story unfolds as told from several perspectives; primarily from Cassie, Ben Parish, Cassie's high school crush, and Evan Walker, an alien, who's relationship with Cassie is questionable and filled with mistrust.

If you have read my other reviews, you know that I'm a fan of dystopian novels - but not this one. The writing is just okay, but I couldn't help but constantly feel that I was being manipulated by something extremely commercial, attempting to be the next Hunger Games. Rather than writing a story that the author needed to tell, this seems more a case of creating a story that will pull together elements that will sell books, become a movie, and make the author tons of money. Many of you will enjoy this, but I have to give this one a score of two for being so commercial and manipulative.
Reed Reads Score: 2

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