September 5, 2014

The Whisper by Aaron Starmer (The Riverman Trilogy #2)

The tragic ending of The Riverman, the first book in The Riverman Trilogy, finds Alistair Cleary reeling from the events. Alistair needs to find Fiona Loomis whom he believes is lost in her "made up" world of Aquavania. Bursting into her basement and touching the suspended column of water, he is transported to an incredible world, where his search for Fiona takes him from  one fantastic adventure to the next. There's are lessons here, some forcing Alistair to look at his own life, and confront mistakes he has made. The repetitive story of Una, and the guilt she feels for lying about her brother's accidental death might be a reflection of Alistair's pain. Is this a dream? Is this a coping mechanism for Alistair? Is this simply a true fantasy? Sorry, but none of those questions will be answered here.

The Whisper is an incredible ride. The writing is typical Starmer; lyrical and poetic. The story is unusual, like nothing else. Alistair's adventures will remind you of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Only, these are even more fantastic. The environments and characters from the tribal bush to underground caves and astronauts to the Riverman (who calls himself the Whisper), challenge Alistair and force him to think and evaluate himself in his search for Fiona. The issues that Alistair is dealing with are dark and adult. The many references to trust and good vs. evil, are a reflection of the torment Alistair is dealing with.  The ending is a powerful lead-in to the next book. My problem is, is how long must I wait? This review is from an ARC, and the Whisper is not being released until March 2015. I have a year and a half to ponder and anticipate...
Reed Reads Score: 4.5